Engaging Futures 2030: Futures Methods Transforming Governance

During 2000-2015, Queensland Councils emerged from the darkness of ‘tokenistic’ community
consultation processes articulated by Arnstein (1969). The work of community engagement
professionals to update Council methods in line with advancing technology and in designing new
business models and strategies for the governance of consultations is arguably still in its ‘teens’.
One way forward is to continue a linear projected future, with a short-term view focused just ahead,
which is still the norm. However, in an environment of rapid change, this approach is far too reactive,
restrictive, shortsighted and un-consultative, resulting in the loss of possibilities. This article uses
Inayatullah’s (2008) six futures questions to create alternative community engagement futures to 2030.



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Dr. Colin Russo MANAGING DIRECTOR, ENGAGING FUTURES Dr. Colin Russo has three decades of experience engaging stakeholders and clients of national, state and local governments. An award-winning futurist author, Dr. Russo writes using futures studies methods about topics including futures of cities, health, disabilities, security, technology and climate-change. Dr. Russo has facilitated futures workshops for City of Gold Coast’s Our Bold Future 2037, and presented Futures Thinking Courses with Professor Inayatullah in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Dr. Russo also presented Futures Courses for the AFP, Brisbane Primary Health, National Disability Services (across Queensland), Uniting Care Queensland, Redland City Council, Bulloo Shire Council and the Queensland Government 2019 Leadership Series. Dr. Russo presented on water futures in Melbourne and futures of cities in Taiwan and USA.

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