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Learn tools and methods to explore, create and manage alternative pandemic and global high-risk futures.
This Course will be presented February 2021, live at the Gold Coast, Australia and at half price for online for international registrants. All workshops include live and online plenary breakout sessions.

International Course Presenters

Professor Sohail Inayatullah


Professor Sohail Inayatullah is a world-leading futurist and political scientist.

Professor Inayatullah is the inaugural UNESCO Chair of Futures Studies; winner of the Laurel Award 2010 for all-time best futurist; professor at the Graduate Institute of Futures Studies, Tamkang University, Taiwan; adjunct professor in the Faculty of Arts and Business, the University of the Sunshine Coast; and associate with Melbourne Business School – Mt Eliza Executive Education, University of Melbourne.

Professor Inayatullah has authored and edited 32 books and over 300 journal articles, book chapters, and reviews.

Professor Inayatullah has worked with organisations and governments locally and globally on internal transformation to create their own alternative and desired futures.

Dr. Colin Russo


Dr. Colin Russo is an award-winning futurist author, and presenter. Colin addresses topics including applying futures frameworks to emerging issues of government foresight, smart cities, health and well-being, climate-change, security, AI and workplace futures.

Dr. Russo has presented Futures addresses and courses to UNESCO on Futures of the Asia Pacific Region, the OECD on sustainability issues, The Australian Institute of Sport, The Melbourne Business School, Australian Federal Police (Canberra), The Primary Health Industry in Brisbane, National Disability Services (across Queensland), Senate Enquiry, Australian Climate and Health Alliance (CAHA), Uniting Care Queensland, Redland City Council, Bulloo Shire Council and for the Queensland Government Leadership Series.

Dr. Russo has presented futures workshops for City of Gold Coast’s Our Bold Future 2037; Futures Thinking Courses on the Gold Coast with UNESCO Chair of Futures Studies Professor Inayatullah in 2017, 2018 and 2019; and for Geelong City Council, and for a Victorian Government Department of Social Housing and Health.

Dr Russo has also presented on futures of cities in the USA and Taiwan.

Aims Of The Course

The Course is intended to enhance your capacity to create alternative and preferred futures. Presenters will use case studies from foresight projects in government, corporate, and community sectors. Tools and methods from the discipline of Futures Studies will help you:

Map the future.

Understand disruptions and trends.

Discuss and analyse which futures are more likely to result.

Deepen the future through the use of narratives.

Create scenarios to optimize goals, prepare for contingency, and imagine other worlds

Transform self, the organisation, and strategy through visioning and backcasting.

Critical Questions

Specifically, the Course will explore critical questions, such as:

What are the implications of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) - globally and locally?

Is Corona 4.0 likely?

What aspects of climate change will impact our futures the most?

What does a carbon neutral 2050 mean for your organisation?

What are the futures of education?

Are short courses best as change accelerates?

Conflict resolution futures - what to do when there are contrasting visions of the future in an organization?

How do we change our selves to better align with the future we envision?

What are the futures of policing and security?

Are facial recognition cameras helpful or disruptive?

Are smart cities key to solving climate change issues?

Will smart cities create equal opportunity and inclusivity?

How different will public and private transport be, by 2030?

Will electric vehicles be subsidised and required by law by 2050?

Will fossil fuels be phased out by 2030?

How soon will a renewables pathway be a viable alternative?


Reading material will be provided prior to the Course. Participants will receive 4-5 articles written by Professor Sohail Inayatullah, and Dr. Colin Russo. For example, Dr. Russo encourages you to read Creating Preferred Futures Of Australian Healthcare. This article includes emerging issues gained from workshopping Australian healthcare futures to 2030, with medical health practitioners. The workshop and article applied the futures method, The Futures Triangle.

This Course is offered in a hotel venue in Surfers Paradise, on the Gold Coast, and online.

This Course is offered by Professor Inayatullah, and Dr. Russo, in February, 2023.

On this website is a registration form for scheduling seats and asking questions, and a separate Paypal payment system. Paypal allows you to use a corporate or personal credit card to make payment of Course fees.

The Course cost for your in-person attendance, is $1100 per person.  Up to 30 participants can attend Futures Thinking and Strategy Transformation 2030 in-person.

The Course uses the link to Paypal system – is the means of linking the Paypal options. This system has been used by Engaging Futures in helping participants to make Course fee payments, since 2017.  If you require verification of this link, please ask Dr. Russo to email it to your business email address.

The Online only participation fee is $600. All online sessions include plenary breakout rooms, facilitated by Course presenters.

The Futures Thinking and Strategy Transformation 2030 And Beyond Course brochure is now available upon request. Email a course administrator via the single email address [email protected]

Strategy leaders of government, councillors, corporate and industry leaders and officers, consultants and community sector strategists and practitioners, students and other individuals are all encouraged to attend.

Contact details

If you have any questions about the Course or about the registration systems, please contact Dr. Colin Russo, Managing Director, Engaging Futures.

Thank you!

Since 2017, our alumni has been growing on Facebook and LinkedIn. We connect you on day 1 of the Course, for your own networking purposes. We include a selection of photos from the event and include all slides presented, together with chat facilities and other resources.

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