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Engaging Futures is a local, national and international centre of learning, teaching and researching. We are a consulting firm based in Australia.

We facilitate aspirational visions for people who hope to create a better world. We help people to explore essential and sustainable futures and to discover changes occurring in all systems. Dr. Russo, our Managing Director works with 10 domains constantly in flux and change: Social, economic, legislative, environmental, consumption, transport, futures, governance, polity and technology.

It is the transformational stories of ourselves and others that integrate – sometimes through negotiation and optimisation – to generate our possible and preferred futures. We create the preferred and alternative futures scenarios that offer innovation from which sustainability becomes more possible.

We bring many futures tools and methods to facilitate enquiry into what works and what should remain the same and what could be many generations better.

Our pathway over the past ten years was influenced by great people, institutions and alternative ideas and actions. Engaging Futures has been inspired by working alongside leaders of organisations such as the United Nations, Australian and overseas universities, national, State and local governments, industry, commerce and community organisations.

Futures Methods and Tools

Qualified in applying futures methods to issues, especially governance and strategic planning.

Delivered with flair

All of our presentations and courses have excited and inspired our audiences

100% Ready

We are 100% Ready to consult you and to help you transform, from A to Z

Award Winning

We are award-winning futures journal article authors and government projects award winners.

New Technology

Fantastic technological innovations can help but can also accelerate change.

New Solutions

How much better could your futures be with better strategies?

Our Vision


"A city is not something you build to leave standing like the Pyramids, the Pantheon or one of the eleven Palaces of London. A city is something you build every day, with values of tolerance, diversity and inclusion, for people, prosperity and the planet".

What Are Engaging Futures?

Engaging futures are created from a planned inclusive framework supported by a narrative of interesting strategic progressions more than just a repeat of the decades before. Engaging futures manage to evade expectations while still fitting within the framework of the preferred future.

A strong vision is a must, and strong doesn’t have to mean short and repetitive, but it has to speak to the desired end well and be memorable within the future’s context. Following that is robust connective scenarios and logical sequence since an engaging narrative has energy and power and feels futuristic.

Vision is crucial, and while it has to fit the preferred future, it should excite the audience (city/community/nation) engaging with the possibilities. Substantial systemic variability is good, but with issues like sustainability, the creation of futures has opened up smart cities and technology plus other levers of positive change to solve problems and create efficiencies. We must become less reliant on preset notions of quality and discuss the future as a changing journey, rather than as a preset image on a pedestal.

How Do Futures Align?

While there can be an interlinking vision for a nation, States, cities and organisations, futures for one audience should not crowd futures of another audience. The challenges should be met and clearly resolved, while the discoveries should be brilliant but not exclusive.

Futures bring a suite or assortment of both resolutions and brilliant possibilities that are fulfilling but that don’t saturate a particular topic while neglecting other priorities. This creates interest and establishes a controlled futures production but allows flexibility and resilience giving space for consistent variation and transformation.

Ultimately engaging futures should make you forget that you’re looking for the perfect future. They should unfold to you and be immersive, offering cerebral and temporal engagement. Sure, you can evaluate, but at that point, you won’t need any other justification besides the fact that it’s a great future and fulfilling a vital need.

Our Approach

Engaging Futures works with the “Six-pillars” approach to futures studies, creating alternative and preferred futures. Methods include the futures triangle, CLA and emerging issues and trends analysis. Engaging Futures is a boutique consultancy and also uses experimental methods including the Unicity Method, The Futures Ball and games e.g. using the context of space to imagine civilisational challenges and alternative futures thinking.

We aim to benefit current and future generations in the creation of sustainable, essential and preferred futures.

Conducting Workshops Locally And Globally

Engaging Futures offers qualified experts working internationally, nationally, regionally and locally. We host forums and workshops, research and write journal articles, facilitate futures conversations, present Futures Thinking Courses and develop visions, policies and strategies.

We hope to inspire you to work with us to create futures that are genuinely engaging, favourable and interesting, through brilliant ideas, breathtaking innovations, exciting knowledge, new case studies and futures methods that you can use for a lifetime.

Connecting People To Aspirations

Engaging Futures presents the information people need to become better futures thinkers, leaders and strategic planners.

We offer the futures tools and methods that connect people with their inner purpose, dreams and aspirations and their capacities to adapt and transform to create preferred futures.

Our Services


Every thing we do to facilitate futures thinking has a written component – so we really know what we are doing! When we consult our clients about their hopes for the future, present a key note, workshop futures of particular topics like smart city futures and health futures, or when we present our three-day Futures Thinking Course, we renew as authors of possible futures. See our regular services below.

Our Structure

About Dr. Colin Russo

As Managing Director of Engaging Futures, Dr. Russo brings three decades of experience engaging stakeholders and clients of national, state and local governments.

An award-winning futurist author, Dr. Russo writes using futures studies methods about topics including futures of cities, health, disabilities, security, technology and climate change.

Dr. Russo has facilitated futures workshops for international, national, State, regional and local government, corporate and community sector organisations.

The Futures Board

The ‚ÄčEngaging Futures Board is where internal decisions are made about annual practices. ‚Äč‚Äč

Mentors And Friends Of Engaging Futures

Mentors and friends of Engaging Futures include the brilliant UNESCO Chair of Futures Studies, Professor Sohail Inayatullah, and the effervescent Professor Ivana Melojevic. We are also proud to discuss our preferred futures with Dr. Marcus Bussey from the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Our Client Network

Our many professional clients, Course participant alumni, journal editors, and professional body executives all help to facilitate our desired futures. Thank you! and we look forward to meeting more of you!

There is also a wider international group of professional Futurist affiliates whom Engaging Futures frequently interacts and shares resources with.

Quotes about structure by UNESCO Chair of Futures Studies, Professor Sohail Inayatullah
– “Complexity theory suggests that the future is patterned and chaotic; that is, it can be known and yet unknown, or explained but not accurately predicted. This ‘both-and’ perspective is especially useful in reconciling classical dichotimies such as agency (individuals can influence the future) and structure (structures define individuals and limit what is possible)”.
– “While globalisation has not suddenly developed a soft heart, the agenda now includes how we know the world and how these knowings are complicit in the disasters around us. This has led to calls to move from strategy as the defining metaphor of the world system [strategy as global structure] to health, or inner and outer balance”.




Engaging Futures Logo Back-Story

Engaging Futures Logo Back-story

The Engaging Futures Logo back-story is of four compelling scenarios signified by its four overlapping square spaces. In Futures Thinking, the square spaces represent four archetypal images of the future, used to describe narratives of future earth. The logo uses the harbour metaphor, picturing Sydney Harbour as symbolic of conditions for all life:

Scenario 1. Earth's historical context with humans advancing civilisations on a ``Blue-Planet`` - harbour of elements and conditions needed for all life in the universe: water, oxygen, plants, etc. Also, the earth has its astrological system - the blue moon and red moon as normal re-occurring 'irregularities' - signifying that earth is a dynamic and beautiful place where nothing is really business as usual.

Scenario 2. Earth in ``worst-case scenario``, devastated by global warming - think here about the Red Sails in the Sunset album cover by musicians Midnight-Oil.

Scenario 3. Earth in ``outlier scenario`` as science-fiction Star Wars' planet Tatooine, with its different coloured white and red moons. This is an other-worldly, multi-planetary civilisational view of universal futures.

Scenario 4. Earth as home to multi-scenario futures all possible over time, or as parallel universes. Imagine travelling in a spaceship (Mandalorian's Razor Crest or Dr. Who's Tardis would do nicely) through time and visiting multiple planets all shaped by individual directors and communities with unique resources and conditions for life.

Scenarios represent possible futures for individual localities on earth and possible futures of earth decades from now.

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