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Chiefly, we deliver keynotes, workshops and training, and advise on corporate reports. Futures frameworks and methods we use are international and local, to help you lead with innovative Vision and desired Futures strategies. The Engaging Futures Framework is about "past trends, current changes, and future trajectories".

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Qualified in applying futures methods to issues, especially governance and strategic planning.

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We are award-winning futures journal article authors and government projects award winners.

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We Create Engaging Futures And Help Leaders Apply Futures Methods To Their Visioning Journeys

“A City is something you build to leave standing like the Pyramids, the Pantheon or a Mountain Range. A Vision is something you build with tolerance, diversity and inclusion, for people, prosperity and the planet”.

What Are Engaging Futures?

We never really live in the future. Subsequently, we are always engaging futures – living between the present and the commencement of the future. Created from a planned inclusive framework, engaging futures support a narrative of interesting strategic progressions more than just a repeat of the decades before. Their constant change ensures they manage to evade expectations while still fitting within the framework of the preferred future.

In any event, a strong Vision is a must, and strong doesn’t have to mean short and repetitive, but it has to speak to the desired end well and be memorable within the future’s context. Following that is robust connective scenarios and logical sequence since an engaging narrative has energy and power and feels futuristic.

Above all, Vision is crucial, and while it has to fit the preferred future, it should excite the audience (city/community/nation) to engage with the possibilities.

How Do Futures Align?

While there can be an interlinking vision for a nation, States, cities and organisations, futures of one audience should not crowd the futures of another audience. The challenges should be met and clearly resolved, while the discoveries should be brilliant but not exclusive.

Another key point is that Engaging Futures bring a suite or assortment of both resolutions and brilliant possibilities that are fulfilling but that don’t saturate a particular topic while neglecting other priorities. This creates interest and establishes a controlled futures production but allows flexibility and resilience giving space for consistent variation and transformation.

Ultimately, engaging futures should make you forget that you’re looking for the perfect future. They should unfold to you and be immersive, offering cerebral and temporal engagement. Sure, you can evaluate, but at that point, you won’t need any other justification besides the fact that it’s a great future and fulfilling a vital need.

Our Approach

Our consultancy is versatile and works with varied approaches to futures studies, creating alternative and preferred futures. Methods include the futures triangle, CLA and emerging issues and trends analysis. Being a boutique consultancy, we enjoy using some experimental methods including the Unicity Method, and games, and using the context of space to imagine civilisational challenges and alternative futures thinking. For this reason, we inspire creativity, in addition to getting on with the job of helping current and future generations.

Conducting Workshops Locally And Globally

Offering qualified experts, we work internationally, nationally, regionally and locally. Services include the hosting of forums and workshops, research and writing journal articles, facilitating futures conversations, presenting Futures Thinking Courses and developing visions, policies and strategies.

Hopefully, this website inspires you to work with us to create futures that are genuinely engaging, favourable and interesting, through brilliant ideas, breathtaking innovations, exciting knowledge, new case studies and futures methods that you can use for a lifetime.

Connecting People To Aspirations

With the approach you need to become a better futures thinker, we will help you to apply futures methods to your leadership and strategic planning tasks.

By applying futurist tools and methods that connect people’s drive, dreams and aspirations we help uplift capacities to adapt and transform to create preferred futures. We help to accelerate the creation of sustainable, essential and preferred futures.


We Create Preferred Futures

Everything we do to facilitate futures thinking has a written component – so we really know what we are doing! When we consult our clients about their hopes for the future, present a keynote, workshop futures of particular topics like smart city futures and health futures, or when we present our three-day Futures Thinking Course, we renew as authors of possible futures.

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