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that shape the businesses, organisations and cities of tomorrow.  

Our Vision

Engaging Futures creates visions and strategies to help individuals and organisations transform. Our Futures Thinking covers:
  • Significant alterations in social and cultural values with profound consequences for cities and States 
  • Emergent technology like AI, robotics and Social, shaping organisations
  • Devastating effects of climate change and its opportunities
  • Population growth and transitions across cities
  • Scaling of businesses into global environments
  • Changes impacting health and wellbeing
Engaging Futures teaches people how to become Smart City leaders and connects people with their inner purpose, dreams and aspirations.
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  • City Futures

  • Technology 

  • Mobility

  • Infrastructure 

  • Democratic consultations

  • Workforce transitions

  • Indigenous Culture

  • Social Innovations

  • Food Systems

  • Regional Conditions

  • Health and Access 

  • Community Education

  • Disability Services

  • Economic Development

  • Legislative Reform

  • Environmental Change


Important Futures Thinking Issues

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Geelong City

Redland City

City of Gold Coast

The Queensland Government

Department of Health

Building and Construction Services

Transport and Main Roads

SA Water

SEQ Water


State Development

Emergency Services, Fire and Rescue

Local Governments of NSW

Melbourne Businesses

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