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Vision and Services

Engaging Futures transforms thinking to help people become better futures thinkers, leaders and strategic planners.


We connect people with their inner purpose, dreams and aspirations and their capacities to adapt and transform through tools and methods for planning for the long term.


Engaging Futures are qualified experts working internationally, nationally, regionally and locally. We host forums and workshops, research and write journal articles, facilitate futures conversations, present Futures Thinking Courses and develop visions, policies and strategies.

We hope to inspire you to work with us to create futures that are genuinely engaging, favourable and interesting, through brilliant ideas, breathtaking innovations, exciting knowledge, new case studies and futures methods that you can use for a lifetime.


Engaging Futures works with the "Six-pillars" approach to futures studies, creating alternative and preferred futures. Methods include the futures triangle, CLA and emerging issues and trends analysis. Engaging Futures is a boutique consultancy and also uses experimental methods including the Unicity Method, The Futures Ball and games e.g. using the context of space to imagine civilisational challenges and alternative futures thinking. 

We aim to benefit current and future generations in the creation of sustainable, essential and preferred futures.

Leadership Consulting And Research

Transformational Workshops And Strategies

Futures Thinking Courses And Reports


Engaging Futures

We create preferred futures of people, prosperity and our planet.  

What We Do

International and National Corporates

  • United Nations ESCAP

  • Australian Federal Police

  • Australian Defence Organisations

  • National Disability Services

  • Climate and Health Alliance

  • The Philippines Senate


State Government Agencies​

  • The Queensland State Library

  • Victorian Department of Health

  • Building and Construction Services

  • Queensland TMR

  • SA Water

  • Queensland State Development

  • SEQ Water
  • Emergency Services, Fire and Rescue
  • Primary Health Organisations
Local Government Agencies
  • Brisbane City    Council

  • Atherton Regional Council

  • Bulloo Shire Council

  • Geelong City Council

  • Redland City Council

  • City of Gold Coast

  • Logan City Council


Community Sector Organisations
  • Uniting Care Queensland

  • Community Lifestyles Agency

  • Gladstone   Community Linking Agency

  • University of the Sunshine Coast

  • Australian National University

  • Melbourne Business School

  • Griffith University

  • Tamkang University

  • University Southern California

​Conference Presentations
  • OzWater Melbourne​

  • APFN Taiwan

  • WFF San Francisco

  • NDS Annual Conference

  • Care24Global

  • Queensland Government Leadership Series

Courses Hosted
  • Futures Thinking and Strategy Transformation and Beyond, 2017, 2018, and 2019, 2020

Industry And Professional Groups
  • Dalby Chamber of Commerce And Industry

  • TSA Management Group


Dr Colin Russo, Managing Director,

Engaging Futures:

Engaging Tomorrow Today

E: colinrusso@engagingfutures.com

M: +61.408 887 751

Melbourne | Sydney | Brisbane

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