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Colin Russo

Dr. Colin Russo is an esteemed futurist and the CEO of Engaging Futures. With over three decades of experience, Dr. Russo has engaged stakeholders and clients from national, state, and local governments. His expertise lies in utilizing futures studies methods to explore a wide range of topics including the futures of cities, health, disabilities, security, technology, and climate change.

As an award-winning author, Dr. Russo has contributed valuable insights to the field of futurism. His writings have utilized futures studies methods to provide thought-provoking perspectives on various subjects. Dr. Russo's work has covered topics such as the futures of cities, health, disabilities, security, technology, and climate change.

In addition to his writing, Dr. Russo has facilitated futures workshops for notable initiatives such as the City of Gold Coast's Our Bold Future 2037. He has also collaborated with Professor Inayatullah to present Futures Thinking Courses in 2017, 2018, and 2019. These courses aimed to equip participants with the tools and mindset to engage with future-oriented thinking.

Dr. Russo's expertise has been sought after by prominent organizations. He has a long history of working for State Government of Queensland Departments of Environment and Heritage, and Department of Mines and Energy, and Caloundra City and City of Gold Coast. He also presented Futures Courses for the Australian Federal Police (AFP), Brisbane Primary Health, National Disability Services (across Queensland), Uniting Care Queensland, Redland City Council, Bulloo Shire Council, and the Queensland Government 2019 Leadership Series. His presentations have covered diverse topics, including water futures in Melbourne and futures of cities in Taiwan and the USA.

With his extensive experience, Dr. Colin Russo continues to be at the forefront of futures studies, guiding individuals, organizations, and governments in envisioning and preparing for the future.

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